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Repair of turbines

Steam and gas turbines.

The range of services for steam and gas turbines according to:

  • Repair and modernization of the flow system:
    • shaft liquid- penetrant inspections,
    • blade liquid- penetrant inspections,
    • rotor re- blading,
    • case re- blading,
    • exchange of plate seals,
    • pin validation,
    • rotor dynamic balance.
  • Repair of fittings:
    • oil pumps,
    • oil coolers,
    • condensate pumps,
    • filter cleaning,
    • lubrication system cleaning,
    • oil by- pass filtering.
  • Repair of protection system and turbine control.
  • Case technical inspection and repair.
  • Steam and oil seal manufacturing.
  • Recovering or manufacturing slide bearings.
  • Alignment with a laser device.
  • Activation and post- repair diagnosis.

We repair turbines of the following manufacturers:
SIEMENS, ELLIOT , EBARA, COPUS, KKK, Nuovo Pignone , I Brneńska, Zamech Elbląg and others.


ORLEN Group brands